African Countries with The Best Cuisine for Travelers


When you start selecting which African countries you have to visit to get the best experience, you might end up writing down all the countries. The continent is rich with natural and physical features, not to mention the highly diverse cultures. Therefore, you might want to use another criterion; which of the countries serve the best dishes. This is not to say that some of the African countries are not great in the kitchen. However, speaking from an impartial point, some of the countries’ dishes are more irresistible than others.

  1. Nigeria

Have you ever tried out egusi soup? If not, consider making a trip to Nigeria and giving it a try; you won’t regret this. Egusi soup is prepared using vegetables, dried fish, melon seeds, stewed meat and palm oil. It is among the most favorite foods of the country, and possibly it will be yours. Usually, the soup is accompanied with pounded yam.

  1. Kenya

Kenya is known for other things besides its marathon gold winning runners. The country has a variety of dishes you would want to try, from chapati to githeri. However, the most popular and enjoyable of them all is nyama choma (roasted meat). The meat is seasoned merely in salt and grilled over hot coal. Ask your nyama choma to be served with kachumbari (thinly sliced raw tomatoes and onions), and a glass of beer.

  1. Egypt

Don’t count yourself among explorers and travelers if you have never been to Egypt. If the historical monuments have not attracted you, then their array of cultural food should have. Being a multi-cultural country, Egypt’s cuisine is usually rich with diversity. Egypt’s national food is Koshari, which is served all over the country, from the middle class and to noblemen, at home and in the street. Its impossible to visit the country and fail to have a taste of this. The dish is a combination of rice, macaroni, and lentils.

  1. Mozambique

Mozambique offers more than just the blue waters and white sand. Its food is among the most loved in Africa, and its so much relished succulent prawns proceeds it. Mozambique’s Piri piri chicken is also another tourist fetch that you should consider testing. The chicken, which is most of the time accompanied with French fries, is usually made by marinating it in lemon juice, spicy piri-piri sauce, coconut milk, and garlic.

  1. Morocco

This is the number one African country when it comes to the number of tourists yearly. I won’t deny their rich scenery and wildlife has a thing to do with it. But also, I will not fail to mention that their incomparable dishes are the highlight of it all. One favorite dish I won’t forget the taste of is the homemade harissa, which I enjoyed with olives and bread.


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