Tips When Travelling to Antarctica

You’ve probably always dreamt of having your ultimate adventure in Antarctica. It has finally become a reality and you are going there. Indeed, Antarctica is one of the most thrilling places you can visit in the world. However, Antarctica is like no other place in the world. You do not just wake up and decide to go there. You need to plan well and ensure you have everything you will need. Below are 5 top tips on how to plan your adventure in Antarctica.

  1. Book Early

You need to book your vacation well in advance to ensure you have ample time to get everything you need. Antarctica visits are only possible from late October to early March. That’s just five months in a year. People book these vacations as early as 1 or 2 years. Antarctica visits are always cruises, and they tend to be quite expensive. Booking early will certainly save you some costs.

These cruises are always in high demand. The spots will always run out quite fast. Make sure you book yours early enough before the high demands send the prices over the roof.

  1. Get the Right Clothes

Knowing what to wear in a new place can be rather challenging. Getting the right clothing for Antarctica is a different challenge all together. One thing is obvious though. Antarctica is one of the coldest places on earth. You have to bring clothing that will keep you warm.

At any instant, you will need to have three layers of clothing on you while on the visit.  The first layer consists of light and breathable clothing. The second layer should be insulating fleece and the final one should be warm, waterproof, and windproof jackets. The jackets should cover your legs too. You will need thick socks and boots too.

  1. Sea Sickness Medication

Your voyage to Antarctica will not be bumpy and rough at some point. The cold conditions can take a toll on your body too. You might not be as resilient as you have always thought you are. The transdermal scopolamine patch is the best sea sickness medicine to take with you. Even the most seasoned sailors will have a challenge sailing to Antarctica.

That should not in any way scare you from visiting Antarctica. It is one of the most blissful experiences you can have. Nothing can be as mesmerizing as night camping beneath glaciers. See the wildlife that you will never see anywhere else. Cruise among the glaciers, and explore the Ushuaia, the gateway to Antarctica. It is also known as the “End of the World.”

Despite all the precautions that you have to take, a visit to Antarctica would one of the most epic experiences of your life.

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