Australian Road Trips

Australia, with its vast natural features, offers one of the best road trip experiences. Below are four main road trips you will not want to miss at whatever cost.

  1. The Big Lap

The name tells it all. Taking the Big Lap road trip would mean that you will be skirting the coastline between Hobart, Melbourne, Adelaide, Esperance, Perth, Broome, Darwin, Cairns, Brisbane, and Sydney.

It is never easy for mere adventurers with just any type of vehicle to take this trip. However, if you consider yourself hardcore, an expert adventurer and you own a 4WD, then this road trip will be the most epic you have ever been in. To cover the whole route takes six months; you do not have to go through it all, but even the short distance you’ll cover won’t be a disappointment. The beautiful white beaches, remote waterholes, ancient rocks, and verdant green forest are just a few of what you should expect.

  1. Gibb River Road

It’s difficult pointing out what excites me more about this trip; the fact that the road was constructed in the ’60s or the thundering waterfalls. Just like Big Lap, this road trip as well requires that you use a 4WD. However, it is not as long as the Big Lap. The feeling of going through the wilderness alone might be lonely, but it is worth it. The gorges and sacred Aboriginal sites are also a plus to the whole experience.

  1. Great Ocean Road

This road stretches from Torquay to Allansforc, Victoria. You should never consider yourself a road trip lover if you live or have ever been to Australia yet you have never taken this road trip; it is Australian’s rite of passage. The road stretches across 243 kilometers and has a lot to offer, among which are sunburnt cliffs, rainforests and of course the stunning coastline. However, the reason why most people take this road trip is the widely talked of Twelve Apostles. Just some kilometers away from the Twelve Apostles, is Port Campbell National Park; one which you have to see if you take this trip.


  1. The Savannah Way

Impartially speaking, Savannah Way is the Ultimate road trip, not because it is the longest or something, but because it has the highest number of national parks and five of the most iconic World Heritage areas. The road offers a lot of diversity starting from the ancient rock art to the beautiful tropical rain forest. You should also expect to see cattle stations, waterfalls, and gorges.



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