Riga, The Capital of Latvia


A mixture of the sea, lovely lakes and wonderous woods, Latvia is only known for one main city – its capital, Rīga. The country is small, but the amount of personal space it provides is enormous. Latvia is the place to be for nature lovers who enjoy trekking, cycling or just relaxing on a beautiful white-sand beach amongst pine-covered dunes.


Places to visit in Latvia.


  • Riga the capital city of Latvia is not only charming but also budget friendly for tourist without breaking the bank. Riga’sOld Town is a delightful collection of cobbled pedestrian streets, charming boutiques and cafes, stunning art nouveau buildings, which can be found dotted throughout the One of Rīga’s most famous places to enjoy local nightlife is Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs. Riga also earned the title of been the largest market in Europe. Starting from vegetables, diary, poultry to souvenirs and handmade goods all are available at very reasonable prices.


·         Jurmala is Latvia’s resort city famous for its sandy beaches, swaying pine trees and deliciously fresh air. Must visit is Jomas street a enchanting pedestrian boulevard filled with friendly bars, cafes and restaurants. Next is Līvu akvaparks, the biggest water park in Baltics.  Other attractions are Open air museum, Kemeri National Park.


  • Sigulda also known as “Switzerland of Latvia” is famous for its picturesque landscape, steep cliffs and beautiful banks.


  • Gauja National Park is a perfect place to serve as a stress buster. Stroll miles of stunning hiking trails, walk around fascinating medieval castles or thrill to bungee jumping, bobsleighing and other adventurous activities.


  • Liepaja a pompous port city with an artistic soul. Predominant with its pristine Blue Flag beach, market stalls offering fresh local fish and the local specialty cod dish it’s also know for its legendary annual music festival on its beaches. Historic trip through Liepaja on its single tram line, the first electric tram built in the Baltic States is also a major point of attraction.


  • East Latvia (Latgale) is often called the “Land of Blue Lakes”. This state is known for its natural beauty, craftsmanship, culture, and gastronomy. Latgalians are characterized by their warm hospitality. 


  • Ventspils is a children’s’ paradise. Ventspils Adventure Park  is a world of amazing rides and slides, while the Children’s Village has over 40 fun activities plus trampolines and bikes for rent. Seaside Open Air Museum is a fun for children to explore nostalgic collection of fishing boats, nets, huts and much more.


  • Kuldiga (Kuldīga) is an architectural nugget preserved amidst splendid natural landscapes. It’s a small town packed with big surprises. Kuldiga Feast, Fish jumping, Traditional nude run, and Riežupe Sand Caves are the top attraction.


Latvia slowly and gradually, emerging from the post-Soviet shadow to quietly becoming a world class destination for food, design and natural beauty. Rich in history, with a mushrooming creative scene, the Eastern European nation is only starting to hit the radar of global travelers.



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