Travel Destinations with The Best Dishes

Any seasoned traveler knows that no trip can beat that with amazing food cuisines, however much the place could be filled with amazing scenery. This is why this article outlines some of the destinations all over the world, with foods to die for.

  1. Bangkok

Besides appearing among the top ten best destinations for shopping, Bangkok was recently listed the third best place to visit for best foods. It is because of this that the increasing number of tourists to the place comes as no surprise. Now, Bangkok has many amazing dishes from Ko Boo Tod Zing Noodle to the delicious Tamada. However, the most known and loved by tourists all over the world is the Drunken Crab. The name says it all. This dish is basically white chunks of crab which are incredibly delicious. Another crab food you will want to try out while there is the crab omelet.

  • Paris

France among the world’s most celebrated travel destinations, mostly because of the fantastic features, found in its capital, Paris. However, one thing that people miss to focus on (one which they should actually focus on) is the food there. Paris is a city that boasts an array of fabulous dishes that are praised all over the world. One of the popular foods is the frog’s legs. Of course, the name scares off many people, but once you eat it, you will forget all about the name. Escargot is also another dish that cannot forget, and so are the delicious croquet monsieur and the croissants. This city is a perfect choice for someone who fancies street foods because it has lots of those in great varieties.

  • London

London is another city that has great dishes. Even though England is not known that much for its food, it actually should be, if not for anything then for the delicious Lemon Tart, which is a combination of tart with a shell of lemon flavored filling. Besides, the many food sports are also quite amazing and so are the numerous food streets scattered all over the city. You can also try out Financier and Savory Crepe.

  • New Delhi

New Delhi is in India, and it is one place all foodies love. This is because of the variety of foods you will find there. The most interesting thing about Indian foods are the many spices and vegetables they use in their cooking. This means that besides taking some of the most delicious dishes in the world, you also get to improve your health since that is what spices and vegetables do; optimize your health.

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