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If you are reading this article, there are two important questions you need to answer first. One of them is, “Do you love traveling?” and secondly, “Are you a foodie?” If both your answers are yes, then you have the right article.

It can always be a bit challenging for foodies to choose where exactly to travel to, to have the perfect experience. I won’t deny some years ago I would find myself in such predicament; not anymore. After visiting some cities across the US, I can name, with certainty, at least five cities you won’t regret visiting. Below are some of the cities you will not give a pass if you are a foodie. You can always rent a car and travel the country to your favorite food spots.

  1. San Francisco

If I had control over everything; my family, my job and my friends, I would definitely carry them all to San Francisco and live there forever. The reason is obvious. Among the various cities in the United States, San Francisco serves the best dishes, from fine dining to casual eats; everything for everyone. Therefore, it is no surprise that the city earned a 7-star rating in 2017, higher than any other USA city.

  1. Portland

Second to San Francisco is Portland. To most people, Portland is the home to talented chefs. Among the foods that the city is well known for is walla walla, served during the summer. However, what will attract you more to the city is their use of the local ingredients in their foods. Theirs, in most cases, is usually culturally-made.

  1. New York

There are many reasons why NYC is referred to as the city that does not sleep. One of them is the never-ending supply of food throughout the year. There is no time of the day or night you will visit this city and miss a variety of foods to choose from. NYC has food halls scattered all over, pop-up concepts, street carts and all the food vendors you can think of. While in New York be sure to take the time by seeing a show, the trip would just be fruitless without it.

  1. Los Angeles

If you need Japanese food, this is your place. In case you are a seafood lover, this is your place. If you love grabbing fast food from food trucks, this is your place. What I mean is, Los Angeles serves all. Their hot culinary has no match, and their continual seasonal produce is the envy of the country.

  1. New Orleans

Besides its crazy never-ending party life, New Orleans is also known for its irresistibly tasty delicacies. Different cities all over the country have always tried to duplicate New Orleans dishes. However, none of them has ever been able to do it the right way. Their shrimp, crawfish, charbroiled and jambalaya are of their own kind.

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