Russia’s Tourism Industry is Booming

Plan on taking a tour this holiday season? Russia is enjoying a booming tourism industry this year. Four million foreign tourists have been recorded in the first nine months of 2018. That’s a 20.3% increase as compared to the number at the same time last year. Russia must be doing something right about their tourism industry.

These numbers suggest that Russia could become yet another world-leading tourist destination. The demographics of visitors to Russia is very specific though. That implies that there could be other social-political factors that are fueling the tourism boom. Russia’s tourism attractions cannot be overlooked though. They are incredible.

Demographics of Russia’s Foreign Tourists

A majority of Russia’s foreign visitors are from the neighboring countries. It is estimated that almost two-thirds of the visitors to Russia in the said nine months are from countries such as Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Armenia. That’s no surprise though. Russia and these countries have similar customers, and they have deep social-economic ties.

As far as Russian tourism is concerned, China emerges are the top tourist supplier to Russia. 1.1 million tourists from China have landed in Russia purely for tourism purpose between January and September 2018. Many other Chinese people visited Russia for different reasons.

Germany is the second largest supplier of tourists to Russia. Germany and Russia have a long history together. That could be the reason why many German’s are feeling the need to explore Russia. South Korea and the USA close the top five list of Russia’s tourist supplier.

Russian Attractions

Which attractions shouldn’t you miss when you visit the largest nation in the world? Almost everyone has heard of the Moscow Kremlin. You can’t speak of the Russian government and fail to mention the Kremlin.

The complex was built in the 15th and 16th century and it houses Russia’s top government officials. It sits on a 250-acre ground. Russia’s political scene is quite intriguing, and that makes the Kremlin very popular and a must-see for anyone visiting Russia.

The Hermitage Museum is yet another incredible attraction in St. Petersburg Russia. The massive museum holds over 3 million items from across the globe. The museum was founded in 1764, and it consists of six buildings. The place is rich with depictions of Russian culture spanning a couple of centuries.

The rich history and constant political intrigues of Russia make it one of today’s most popular tourist destinations. The number of tourists flocking into Russia will certainly continue to rise.


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