Visitors Pledge to Protect the Environment While Visiting New Zealand


In the midst of concerns over the impacts of tourism in New Zealand, the country has embarked on a campaign to sensitize tourists on the importance of protecting the environment. The campaign seeks to have the visitors commit to protecting the country’s natural environment while there.  The visitors are expected to respect the local customs as well.

Tourism has become one of the pillars of New Zealand’s economy in recent years. It has even overshadowed the dairy farming industry which has been the nation’s number one source of foreign revenue for years.

Flight Videos

If you will be travelling to New Zealand soon, expect to be shown videos about conserving the environment during the flight. The videos are promoting a “Tiaki promise.” Tiaki implies “care for” in the Maori language. Maori is a local dialect.

The “Tiaki promise “is a set of principles formulated by the government and tourism sector of New Zealand. The principles are aimed at guiding visitors on how to interact with the environment during their visit. A two-minute video during the flight will explain that New Zealand is precious, and everyone who lives or travels there has a responsibility of protecting it.

New Zealand’s Tourism Industry

New Zealand has received 3.8 million tourists this year. Stephen England-Hall, the chief executive of the tourism board in New Zealand, says that tourists will often behave as they do at home. Apparently, some of the behaviors considered normal in other places are unacceptable in New Zealand. Many of New Zealand’s visitors are from the U.S.A, China, and Australia. The tourism sector stakeholders and the government have felt the need to provide guidance to the visitors.

Some of these expectations might seem awkward for the visitors, but they are for a noble cause. Everyone wants to live in a safe and clean environment. You wouldn’t want anyone to visit your home, make a mess and leave with sorting it out. For instance, Hall pointed out that it is considered normal to litter in some places because other people will be paid to collect the litter. In New Zealand, it is the responsibility of the people there to not litter the environment.

New Zealand remains an impressive tourist destination. The fact that they are conscious of the need for a clean and conducive environment make it even more attractive.  All other countries around the world should probably implement the same strategy.



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