Stay with A Mongolian Reindeer Herding Tribe


If you are an out-of-the-ordinary traveler, a stay with a Mongolian reindeer herding tribe would be a thrilling experience. World’s most remote Airbnb is opening up travel to some of the most remote places in the world. You can now book a stay with a Mongolian nomadic tribe and experience their culture and way of life first hand.

Mongolian tribes are largely nomadic. They shift with their heard according to changing seasons. The tribes are always friendly and open to interaction with tourists. However, many tourists are not able to keep track of their movements. Airbnb is now making it possible to track them and help you book a stay with them.


What3words is a London-based location identification service. It eliminates the complexity of the GPS system of coordinates, by substituting it with a system of 10 ft by 10 ft squares spread across the world. Each location is mapped into three words. Nomadic tribes such as those from Mongolia are able to create an address to indicate where they are.

Airbnb has teamed up with What3words to be able to pinpoint the locations of the tribes and allow you to book a stay with them. The tribes will always update their locations using What3words. The system is still being fine-tuned as the headers complain of lack of proper network.

The Experience

You will get to stay with reindeer herders in the Taiga forest in northern Mongolia. It is a two-nigh and three-day stay in a traditional tribal setting deep in the forest. You will get an open-fire stove, two wooden beds, and sleeping bags.

You will also get to eat some traditional food. For instance, you will be offered a taste of reindeer milk tea immediately you arrive. You will also get to eat their freshly baked bread, noodle soup and hearty meat. You get to learn how the tribes heard, cook and prepare traditional crafts. It is, without doubt, an experience like no other.

Airbnb is working closely with the Mongolian government to enhance the hospitality offered by the tribe to visitors. The Mongolian stay should be on the bucket list of any traveler who likes adventure. It is a very unique experience. Such a stay would be absolutely thrilling and eye-opening. It’s like being introduced into a whole new world altogether. This is a new form of adventure travelling and you should be among the first one to experience what it’s like.

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